Tips to Improve the Online Ranking for a Business

Search engine optimization is the process of improving a company’s online presence so that it is more searchable. In today’s environment, it’s a must for success since so many consumers rely on the internet for researching products and services. Managing the online presence of a business can be overwhelming for an owner. Below are some tips to improve search engine rankings.

Think Local

Those who offer a service or product that is fairly common will find themselves competing for placement with other similar businesses in the area. In addition to this, many search engines automatically prioritize based on the area. This is why it is so important to maintain a Google My Business Page®. This can have a strong impact on location-specific results when a search is performed.

Don’t Keyword Stuff

Early on, when search engines first became popular, it was common for websites to contain large chunks of keywords that were repeated throughout the site. That increased the likelihood that the search engine would consider the site relevant to the topic at hand. Today, algorithms work differently, and the keyword stuffing will actually penalize the website. While keywords are important, they need to appear naturally throughout the copy.

Two Audiences

There are two audiences for a website. There are potential customers and the algorithms that the search engines use. The bots or some might know them as spiders or crawlers, determine the ranking, so the website should be tailored to them. The website’s hierarchy should be simple and have a professional monitor crawling. If for some reason the website is being penalized, steps can be taken to correct this.

Go for Links

Modern algorithms are more likely to prioritize websites that are linked to other websites, as long as the page being linked is considered trustworthy. To get to this point, aim to create content that’s shareable. Some people use informative blog posts and interesting facts about the industry to accomplish this. It is also common to work with a search engine optimization company that will work to get the website linked throughout the web.

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